[root@mail1 ~]# cd /usr/local/mstone/
[root@mail1 mstone]# vi conf/general.wld
# The <DEFAULT> tag sets protocol block defaults
# defaults for both e-mail and revision control systems
loginFormat user%ld
passwdFormat passwd
numLogins 100
firstLogin 1

# e-mail defaults
server ← # mail3.comに設定
addressFormat user%
numAddresses 100
firstAddress 1

# revision control system defaults
repoUrl http://myLocalSvn
topDir repoTop/mstone


[root@mail1 mstone]# ./mstone smtp -t 60s -l 100
Mstone version 4.9.4
Copyright (c) Netscape Communications Corp. 1997-2000

Starting time: Sun May 23 00:14:47 2010
Running pretest on localhost (results/20100523.0014/localhost-log-preifconfig.txt)
Running monitor on localhost (results/20100523.0014/localhost-log-vmstat.txt)
Starting clients (errors logged to results/20100523.0014/stderr)
Starting 1 x 100 on localhost

Rampup time: 20 seconds. Test duration: 60 seconds. Clients: 100
Index of runs: file:///usr/local/mstone/results/index.html
Results (HTML): results/20100523.0014/results.html
Updating... Sun May 23 00:15:32 2010: Reported duration 42sec (100 clients)
Process 2862 exited (0).
Shutting down monitors: 2861
Running posttest on localhost (results/20100523.0014/localhost-log-ifconfig.txt)

Clients done: Sun May 23 00:16:02 2010
Collecting results
Reported duration 64sec (100 clients)
Generating results pages
Processing done: Sun May 23 00:16:03 2010

Results (text): results/20100523.0014/results.txt
Results (HTML): results/20100523.0014/results.html
Index of runs: file:///usr/local/mstone/results/index.html
Error log: results/20100523.0014/stderr (lines: 23)
Mailmaster done: Sun May 23 00:16:03 2010


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